Am I Gushy??

My VoiP News quotes Om Malik, Jon Arnold and myself, about the future of VoIP. He describes my post below as gushy… To the contrary I think we all agree on the facts. VoiP is a profitable business – if you have the customers or a cheap way of acquiring them.

In the long run I believe that applications and features will be the real differentiators. If Vonage continues their crazy growth without bringing online new applications there is no way they can succeed. However if they change directions, there still is hope, I hope!

This is a discussion that has just started as Ken writes in Realtime Community today, and I am sure we will be hearing more from people smarter and more experienced than I. Personally, I am very curious to see how the conversation and of course the business will develop. Will VoIP change the communications landscape or will the duopoly continue to rule albeit with new technology??

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