Re-branding Israel – The land of the Bikini?

My friend Yishai Fleisher published an interesting article criticizing Israel’s new campaign to re-brand Israel. While I don’t agree with all his points, many of them are pertinent. In particular the idea to develop Israeli universities as mega schools that will pull in students from all points of the globe. Read it and tell me what you think!

And while we are at it – getting normal broadband and VoIP in this country would not hurt!

Is Skype chasing Vonage?

Skype has come out with a $29.99 unlimited calls plan. That is $29.99 a year not a month! The blogsphere is abuzz as Om reports.

It is one step closer to free calls- but in my opinion they are missing the boat! Who wants to change their behavior or suffer the QoS problems? $30 is about 300 minutes a month, anything over that is a loss for Skype on the termination alone! So why did they do it? In my opinion they just want to raise their numbers in the USA (where they have not had such success as in Europe) and this is a cheap way to do it.

In the long run, people and especially business users will look for services that let them connect, communicate and collaborate with their family and colleagues. Services will be King. I would rather have a system which filters my calls, finds me and my colleagues, has a IVR, Voicemail etc. then save a few dollars a month. Where is the real innovation – or are they just chasing Vonage? What do you think?