Is the iPhone the first phone worth criticizing?

Many bloggers such as Alec, Robert Scoble , Paul Kedrosky and others came out with criticism of the iPhone. Their comments reminded me how when in 1983 Apple introduced the first Mac (128k, one floppy and no hard disk), Alan Kay (at the time a Apple Fellow) compared it in an internal Apple memo to “a Honda with a one quart gas tank” well designed but “it can only take you to the corner store and back”. However with all his misgivings, Kay considered the Mac to be the first computer “worth criticizing”.

Sure, the iPhone is not perfect. But it is does break ahead of a lot of other products on market. The march towards One Device is on and I have no doubt that we will see improvements and in the years to come. Do we really want to carry around separate cell phones, MP3 players, notebooks, and PDAs?

Currently I use a Nokia E61 and no longer shlepp around a laptop. The only thing I am missing is a rollup keyboard that connects to the phone and a tiny projecter that snaps on the phone and allows me to project the screen from the Nokia onto to any flat service such as a wall. if I had those 2 things it would be a compete mobile solution for me!

In summary – the iPhone may be the first handheld computer worth criticizing…

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