Want to be The Most Expensive VoIP Company ???


Yes, the most expensive!

Until now competition among VoIP services has been based mostly on price. “Make Unlimited Calls for only $24.99 a month”. Sure they offer more functions than your typical landline, but the sale pitch is the price. So if everyone is selling service for $24.99, how do you differentiate? Charge double or triple!!

First there would be a signup fee of $299.99, for that you would get –

  • THREE IP Phones, all on the same account
    • A desktop IP phone for your Home / Office (no ATA here)
    • A Wifi phone for your travels
    • A USB phone for non wifi travel spots

Then you would pay a monthly fee of $74.99 (all taxes included) and get all of this —

  • 24/7 “no questions asked” pampering premium customer service and technical support
  • Unlimited calls USA / Canada / UK / Western Europe / Australia, NZ
  • 5 free incoming local numbers in the USA
  • 1 additional free incoming number in UK or Canada
  • The same account on all 3 phones
  • Overnight replacement for defective devices
  • iotum integrated – receive only relevant calls
  • find me follow me, voicemail, call forwarding redundancy, caller ID and every other digital service you can think of….
  • conference calls
  • IVR or Auto Attendant

Optional services would include – call recording, roam4free GSM Sim integration, International incoming DIDs. Luca has informed me that three Sitofono will be included in the offering, provided by Abbeynet , for only (special price) additional $19.99 / month for all of them.

I am sure there are people who would be happy to pay for premium service. If you like the idea - The Flat Planet Phone Company would be happy to set you up as The Most Expensive VoIP Company today. We are ready and set to go – just give us a call and you can be selling the most expensive VoIP service immediately!

Thanks to Voipuser for giving me the inspiration…

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