We also have our DEMO!


Last night in Tel Aviv, I had the honor of taking part in the first edition of TWS, the Israeli version of DEMO. For the first time, it was great. Kudos to the organizers, Yaron and Yami. It was a classy event – thanks! (See Video report here  )

10 startups (out of 58 that applied) were invited to present their products to the audience of 400-500 participants. Most the presenters including ourselves ( :-) ), were innovative. For example g.ho.st an online operating system, clicktale a new approach to web stats and matchmypet, an online dating service for animals….

My only complaint were the long speeches that preceded the startup presentations. I know you have to give sponsors a chance to talk, but why did we have to listen to a long winded speech by Shimon Peres explaining that there is no need for students to study history any more, – only the future is important. From what I saw, I wasn’t the only one scratching his head, when he said that pearl of wisdom…. though I must say he does know how to make a speech!

Peres was followed by Yossi Vardi, who set a more casual atmosphere with his funny presentation on Israel’s secret recipe for success.

Above you can see a picture taken by Ron at the TWS2007 reception. If you look well, you can see me in a blue shirt!

All in all, worthwhile. Next year, maybe there should be an exhibition area so visitors can learn more about the different presenters, and you can also makeroom for the startups who weren’t selected to present.

Here are a few pics from our presentation, where Avi and I demo how to setup a local phone number in Romania which links to a customised IVR. The scenario is played out during a chance meeting at the airport and emphasizes how easy the system is to use.

You can see more pics at thecoils flickr set. Yami and Yaron – thanks for the photos.


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