A revolution is taking place. The Facebook revolution.

Jeff Pulver as many of you know is a generous guy, when he sees something that he likes, he shares it with his friends. A couple of days ago I received (like over a 1000 others…) an invitation from Jeff to join Facebook.

Facebook is a place for college kids to play – right? Well that is what I thought until I tried it out. It seems in the last few weeks Facebook has become the place to be for business, and is fast replacing Linkedin as the preferred business networking site.

Linkedin is like a British club, quiet and conservative, Facebook is exciting, there is always something hopping. But the killer is that Facebook is a platform with an open API, so you can add numerous applications. The Web 2.0 world is packed with what I call “one function companies” like Dopplr and Twitter, Jajah and others. But a function doesn’t make a company! Here comes Facebook and provides business people with a full platform for networking. On one platform you can track your friends, communicate with them, share trips, ask questions, join groups, plan events etc…

So far from what I can see it works! This may be a “Netscape Moment” which changes the web, what do you think?

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