Von Europe Summary


Von Europe will continue tomorrow, but I am on my way home, so it is time to sum up my 3 days in Stockholm. Von actually has three parts, the conference, the exhibition and the community. For me the best part was to catch up with people I know and forge new relationships with others active in the VoIP community (picture at left – Daniel from OpenSer, Tjardick Van der Kraan otherwise known as TJ, Martyn Davies, Carmelo our man from the Agence Wallonee des Telecommunications of Belgium, yours truly and Pat Phelan thanks to Dean from voip-user who is on the other side of the camera). Some of the conference sessions were definitely interesting and you can see my live reports below in the blog. There was a sentiment that I heard expressed by veteran Von Europe participants that the exhibition was a little weak with low participation. Although for me it was actually worthwhile to visit the booths and see demos of a number of softswitches and systems.

Thank you Jeff and company for organizing the conference and see you all at Von Israel!

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