Goodbye Linkedin!

Though I am not such a popular guy, I do get a few invitations to link up on Linkedin every week. Since I joined Facebook, a couple of weeks ago, I have contemplated how to answer them, since the more I use Facebook, the more I realize that it is much better than Linkedin, and who has the patience or the time to manage 2 networks??

Facebook, is alive and popping and I am actually meeting and interacting with business people that I would never have a chance of meeting anywhere else. Facebook is a network of networks. Linkedin while they do have groups, is still basically a one on one affair.

This morning I received 2 more Linkedin invites. Enough I said – make a decision, cut the cord. So I did, as you can see below, from the screenshot of my Linkedin profile. If you want to find me, I am on Facebook. Will I ever return to Linkedin? As they say – never say never….. But for now – Goodbye Linkedin!


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