Digium pushes Asterisk into the mainstream

The recent ITexpo and the upcoming Astricon are bringing a stream of Asterisk related announcements. One trend that we have seen in the last few months, is the “growing up” of Digium. You can see a major effort to productize Asterisk and make it more attractive to the Enterprise market. How will this effect the loyal community following is yet to be seen. Another announcement that just came out is about interoperability certification between Digiums Asterisk Business Edition platform and the Grandstream Phone Series. Since Grandstream is probably the most popular low end phone, this is a good addition to Digium’s previous announcement of a similar agreement with Polycom, which covers the mid-high end of the IP Phone market.

Will agreements like this make the Business Edition ($995) more attractive to resellers and businesses than the open source edition ($Free) ??

Will Digium take business away from their existing resellers? And, will those resellers move over to other open source PBXs?? The VoIP reseller market is growing and times are interesting :-).

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