Asterisk works on the iPhone!


If you want to download the code or follow the project look here . This project is being done by Matthew Gamble and you can read more on his blog.

Now you may ask, why the heck would you want to use the iPhone as an Asterisk server (not a client, mind you), wouldn’t an old PC be much easier? Matthew also asks this question, and here is his answer —

First off, the project started for me as a way to play with the cross compiling toolchain for the iphone, and since Asterisk is a program I use and have written patches for in the past, it seemed like a logical choice for the first application to attempt to port. But after having it running for a few hours, I now can see it as a solid state asterisk box with 8 gigs of storage for $399 that is USB powered, so in effect, it is a fully portable PBX that doesn’t require a lot of power. Further, I could see cases were you would want to use it for demos (easier to move than a full system) or maybe for doing some IAX -> SIP trunk conversion while you are on the road. The uses are endless in my mind – if people use Asterisk on the WRT54G router, why not the iPhone?

Now I don’t know if the iPhone is the optimal PBX server, but it does show you how far you can go with a s/w based PBX. Just think, say you have an event or something and you want to temporarily set up an internal pbx in the field. Turn on your iPhone and you are ready to go. Cool!

Thanks to Jeremy McNamara for the info.


Jon Arnold launches IP Convergence TV

Jon Arnold has announced that today the IP Convergence TV portal is officially launching. The soft launch was last month, and based on the feedback, it’s been improved on a few fronts.

From first look it seems that they have some high class content that should be interesting to anyone in the IP Communications space.  I have a very slight problem with the fact that the site is sponsored by some of the leading companies in the industry who have, of course their own interests.

However since we know Jon as an independent and honest analyst, I am sure that he will know to keep the site focused on great content. After all without sponsors, you have to sell advertising, which  brings with it the same concerns, so I guess first rate sponsors are better.

Seems like there is already plenty of good interesting content posted, but where is the RSS feed??

Good luck to Jon and his partners in this important endeavor!

Facebook Israel Network Hits 100k!


Today at 9:14pm Israel time the Israel network on Facebook reached 100,000 members (thank you Dovid for the screenshot). There were only 18,000 in August and 70,000 10 days ago. That is tremendous growth if you consider that Israel is mainly a Hebrew speaking country.

What I find more interesting is that about half are above the age of 24, which means that Facebook is moving away from the college age origins and becoming more of a serious networking platform for business.

A number of my friends blogged about this outside of Israel

Jeff Pulver (a virtual Israeli)

Alec Saunders

Shel Israel


Nov 4th – 130,000 (25% a week!)

Nov 10th – 150,000 (50% in 2 weeks)

Nov 20th – 187,000 (on track to hit 200,000 this week, double in one month)

Nov 23rd – 200,000 (double in less than a month!)

Dec 24th  – 300,000 (growth is slowing down…)

The Pulver Tutorial on Better Conferencing

Jeff Pulver sent me a note to look at his latest post on how to make the best of a conference. While Jeff wrote it about his conference (VON), the suggestions are good for all conferences.

The main gem here in my opinion, is to cease the opportunity.  If you know that someone who you want to speak to, will be at a conference, get his picture, go to his talk and say hello. Don’t wait for later, do it right away, and then ask for a follow up meeting at the show. How many times, have you met someone, exchanged cards and agreed to meet later. Do those meetings “later” actually happen?? Seize the Day!

For the full  tutorial see Jeff’s Blog.

Facebook cancelled my Flyer :-(

Well after posting a Facebook Flyer ad to do a little research (as I mentioned in the post below this one) , it took Facebook only 10 minutes to disable my ad! You can see the screenshot here, with the ad on the lower left. The reason was listed as-

This ad has been disabled and should not be run again on the site under any circumstances. Generally, we disable an ad if it violates our Terms of Service or Advertising Guidelines. Unfortunately we cannot provide you with the specific violations that have been deemed abusive. Please review our Terms and Guidelines if you have further questions.

sounds scary…. this is how they want to compete with Google? I really like Facebook, but they need to be a little more friendly 🙂


How to use (or not) Facebook Flyers pay by click system

Facebook recently unveiled a new ad system that allows you to publish ads (they call them “flyers”) based on demographics and keywords. It is pretty easy to use. After you design your ad with a picture and text, you can then “target it”. Targeting is done by a number of criteria such as age, gender, country, interests etc. You then decide like on Google, how much you are willing to pay per click and what is your daily limit. Clicks start from one cent per click!

Valleywag has called this a Google competitor, I can’t see it.

Right now I am running a flyer to promote the JIN event (Jerusalem Network event for Internet people). I targeted Israelis over 23 (there are 53,000 on FB) and so far, after a few hours with 2300 impressions I have 3 clicks which have cost me FIVE CENTS! Not exactly like WoW…

Just for the research, I will run a new flyer — on how to advertise on Facebook Flyers, and see how many responses I get. if you clicked on the flyer and got to this post, please send me an email to blog @ flatplanetphone dot com. Stayed tuned to this post for updates!

UPDATE – Facebook has disabled my ad! See post above for more details.

More on Conferences!

I have written about Etel (the Emerging Telephony Conference) a number of times.  Last year I had the honor of speaking there, and was planning to do the same this year. Unfortunately O’Reilly, the conference organizer decided to cancel this years conference.

Etel was not just another conference, but a special community of thinkers and innovators. The community while dismayed with the cancellation, decided not to mourn Etel, but rather  reinvent it. A group of people led by the tireless Lee Dryburgh, have been busy putting together an agenda for the conference, now called Ecomm 2008.

Lee tells me that all of the leading speakers and presenters scheduled for this years Etel have expressed their support for Ecomm. Scheduled for March 12th – March 14th, Ecomm 2008, promises to be one of the most exciting communication events of the year. If you are interested in understanding where we are going, this is the place to be. Since it is a community effort, your help is needed and appreciated. You can read more abut Ecomm here on Lee’s blog and  in our Facebook group.

VON Spring is scheduled for the week after Ecomm, which promises a double header!  Lee has told me  that a number of people will be flying in from Europe for both conferences.  So it looks like March will be the declared the month of Emerging Communications. Hope to see you there!

Not your Mothers VON

VON Fall is coming soon and there are some major innovations. One of them is being led by Thomas Howe, the Mashup Man. As fellow blogger and friend Alec Saunders wrote


One of the coolest new sessions at VON this year is the VONCamp Unconference.  Borrowing heavily from the successes of the BarCamp movement, this is a whole day affair that will be part of the Innovators track at the show.  The idea is that   topics which aren’t necessarily covered in the main sessions can be proposed, presented and discussed here. Think of it as constructive anarchy.  Amazing things can come out of these sessions.


My good friend Tom Howe will kick the day off with an “agenda bashing” session, where all attendees will decide on the agenda for the day.  After that, 12 sessions of 25 minutes each area available. Anyone can present and everyone is expected to participate in some way.


Go check out the wiki.  Sign yourself up, and decide if you’d like to speak or participate in some other way.

I agree!

Wireless battery charger for the Nokia E61

e61.jpgMy Nokia E61 is sitting here on my desk and is not plugged into anything. The battery indicator is going up and down as if it is charging, the screen said battery charging. Now, after a few minutes a  battery full message appeared!

Have I just discovered a new undocumented  Nokia feature for wireless battery charging? Does anyone have an explanation?