Jajah and Ebay – Who is the bad guy?

Jajah vs. Ebay. Not an easy call. My first thoughts are to side with the “David” who is engaging the Goliaths in the battle for lower call costs. On the other hand Jajah knew very well that Ebay forbids external links on their auctions and no doubt would not look kindly on a link that competes directly with their own service (Skype). Can you imagine Jajah allowing me to put a Flat Planet Phone Company link on their home page or web calling interface?? Of course not.

On the other hand Ebay really screwed up here and they deserve what Jajah dished up. Here they have the most popular auction platform, which is a natural fit for a click to speak to seller button. Three days work, to put it up, maybe less. And they have the whole Skype team to do it. Nada in 2 years!

You can’t help admiring Jajah. They are the ultimate PR machine. First they take a vanilla callback service and convince users and investors that they have done something revolutionary. Then they announce that Jajah runs on this phone and Jajah runs on that phone, when in reality Jajah runs on any phone that has a web browser. But it gets them a lot of coverage.

Now they are marketing themselves as the Skype killer and doing a damn good job of it! Contgrats to Don Thorson, Frederick and all the others on a marketing campaign that I predict will become a classic case study at Harvard Business School.

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