What will those funny named VoIP companies do next?

If you are a reader of this blog, I am sure you have heard of all those VoIP companies with the funny names. Jajah, Nonoh, Jangl and Jaxtr are just a few.

Actually anyone can start a company like that (though you need to hurry before the funny names are all used up…), open source software and SIP standards makes it easy to build and deploy — but what do you do once you built the service??

If you take the beaten track, offer free calls initially to pull in the customers and then charge low rates, how do you stand out from the competition?? How do you build customer loyalty? What will prevent your customers from jumping ship to a new low cost provider?

I have my own ideas, how to do this, which I will try to elaborate in a later post. Another way to do it is to keep on coming out with new services as one of the funny named VoIP companies is today. Since they put an embargo on their press release for a few more hours and I am going out, I will let my fellow bloggers tell you me more details.

This morning I tried out the new service. It works

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