WordPress – your own social network

There is a great post today on GigaOM about how WordPress can actually be the basis for your own social network. Some of the bloggers quoted there suggest that building your presence on facebook serves Mark Zuckerberg well, but does not build your brand. One of the quotes is that “creating ‘user-generated’ content via a social networking application. That’s like remodeling the kitchen in a house you rent.” While my own wordpress based blog has done great things for my brand, facebook has a different benefit for me.

On facebook I can meet people that I would never have met otherwise, network with them and exchange relevant ideas. For example all my posts are cross posted to facebook as “notes”. Once they are on facebook I can tag the notes with names of people that may be interested in the subject I am discussing. Many times this brings them to read my post and even comment. In my pre facebook days, that would never happen, since I would have needed to email these people the link to get them to read the post. The only problem was, I probably did not know them or have their email address…

So for me, my blog is a place to build my brand (thank you Matt!) and facebook is a place to network. One complements the other!

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