What Happened to Pat Phelan?

While stuck in my house yesterday due to the snow storm, I realised that my friend Pat Phelan who is not a quiet person by nature, has been rather quiet lately, with almost no posts to his popular blog.

A short note from Pat today, explains why.

Sorry I haven’t been in touch as much as normal lately and been able to link or even write as much as normal. Hope below explains

We have just completed a large update to MAXroam and I wanted to give you a heads up

Key Features include

· Full LIVE billing

· Local number list expanded, reductions on cost on local numbers

· Free call forwarding of your MAXroam numbers- zero cost roaming

· Send global SMS from your MAXroam account for only 5c

· Sales are 120% over targets for first Qtr.

· 5 new global carriers interconnected

· Connectivity running at 81% for QTR

· Full customer service hub opened

· Large upgrades planned for next two Qtr’s

· Appointment of Mr Christopher Kennedy as platform manager.

· Alliance with Global roaming, new group has 80,000 subscribers

More detailed data is Here

Many thanks

Pat Phelan

I would love to look into this more, but meanwhile I thought it would be good to post the basic details. Keep up  the good work, Pat!

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