Yes, People Will Pay for VoIP

Although companies like Skype and those riding on their wave have given the general public the impression that voip services should be free, there is evidence to the contrary. My friend Luca writes about how his Sitofono product is profitable and usage is growing.

Why not? Sitofono is a click to call widget that enables your customers to speak to you now. Wouldn’t any business person pay to speak to a “hot lead”?

“Click to call” is just one of the examples of easy to deploy and profitable voip applications. Stay tuned into this channel for more

What can I do with Asterisk?

Well almost anything! Look at this post on one of the forums as an example…

Basically my elderly grandfather constantly sends faxes from his fax machine that are political rants, and he sends them to every political fax number he can find – and its starting to get us in legal trouble…

I’m hoping using asterisk I can somehow solve this problem…

Basically he uses his fax machine handset to make and receive phone calls, I want to leave this intact. What I want to do is make asterisk do one of the following:
1. Send some kind of ‘fax sent’ signal when he initiates a fax, and not actually send it – he never sends real faxes so it can ALWAYS throw out his faxes
2. Send any fax signal to a dedicated fax line ill set up – so i receive the faxes and they dont go to their destination
3. Instead of sending his faxes save them to a file.

Businesses have many identities!

I think you will agree with me that we all have multiple identities. A family identity, social, business etc. Nothing new about that. But did you think about that businesses also have multiple identities?

Simple things like more than one business operating in the same office. More complicated situations like setting up a separate entity for a special event or project. For example a major international sport event (Olympics, World Series etc.) comes to town. You have a great business idea related to the event, but it has nothing to do with your current business.

Here is where IP Communications bloom! In a day you can set up a new domain, email, phone number and basic web page. Use your existing offices, warehouse etc, and route incoming calls to the new IVR that you set up for the occasion. Then route the calls to your existing staff, don’t worry the IP system will alert them to answer the calls in the right way.

Just a small example what you can do. All it takes is to think outside of the standard telecom box. Forget about everything you know about phone systems. With IP there are no limits!