More on Free Calls

A company I am associated with offers free calls to the USA & Israel (including Israeli cellphones) for $99.99 a month. You get an ATA from them plug one side into your router, the other into a phone and thats it.

Like all unlimited plans this is based on statistics of average use with a qualification that if it is abused, they will be disconnected. Although this should be obvious that there is no thing as truly unlimited, especially to cellphones (which range from 10-30 cents a minute outside of the USA) — I still get emails asking me if it is possible to get this plan on a PBX and have the whole company call for $99 a month…

Some people forget that if it is too good to be true, it probably is… But they try anyway!

BT buys Ribbit

Luca’s status on Facebook alerted me to the fact that Ribbit, the company that labeled itself as “Silicon Valley’s first phone company”… was bought by the UK’s first phone company.

BT seems to be way ahead of its USA peers in deploying advanced IP communication services. Last year I was chatting on the train with a chap from BT while in Stockholm for VON. He related how BT has 80,000 employees but only 60,000 desks. When an employee reaches a BT office, they go to an empty desk, log into a IP phone with their credentials, plug in their laptop to the network and they have an office!

It will be interesting to see how the outspoken startup from California adjusts to the British way of doing business.

As the English say – Brilliant!