Free Hard Disks

I’ve posted a number of times, about free calls, or how there is no such thing as free calls. Today, I would like to actually write about Free Storage. Well not completely free, but almost.

On the desk of one of our employees I noticed an external hard drive. Many years ago I used to sell external hard drives, 5mb and 10mb (megabyte…) ones. This one looked just like the external hard drives of old. I was shocked to hear that this baby packs 500GB, not 5-10mb!! I was even more shocked when I heard the price under $90!

Now compare that to the $5000 which was the price for the 10 meg disks that I sold in the 80s. At todays prices those 10 megs would have cost me less than one cent 0.18 cents!! to be exact. Isn’t that free??

Fonolo – Finito to your Frustration!

You may not have heard of it yet, but Shai Berger and Fonolo have been making waves with their “Deep Dialing” system.

Simple idea, great execution! Everyone hates to navigate the menu and wait on line when calling a big company. Now Fonolo will do do it for you!

What is Fonolo? Well their core service lets you pick on the screen what department you want to speak to and then it will dial , navigate the menu, wait on line and connect you when the agent come on line.

But what I really like about Fonolo is that it will keep records and recordings of all your calls, filed by company! So the next time you have a dispute with the phone company instead of starting every call from square one, you can just send them recordings of all the calls you made with them. Better yet you can download them and send them on to your favorite goverment agency! Now that is what I call beating the big guys at their own game!

Maybe I should ask Shai to add a recording when Fonolo is “deep dialing” to say ” Dear Rep – this call may be recorded, so don’t BS me!”