Om Malik celebrates his first birthday

Om MalikImage by ptufts via FlickrA year ago one of my favorite journalists who happens also to be a great guy, Om Malik, suffered a heart attack which almost ended his life. As a result Om made major changes to his lifestyle. When I say major I mean major. Om did not do minor adjustments. Instead he took the following steps

1. After a 40-Dunhills-a-day-habit for nearly 20 years, I stopped smoking.
2. No more cigars, either.
3. No drinking.
4. No red meat.
5. Caffeine, sugar, salt and all unhealthy foods are now banished from my diet.
6. I go to the gym every single day.

As Om wrote

Making such drastic changes wasn’t easy, but they offered me the best chance of staying alive — and 50 pounds and 12 months later, have clearly worked.

I recommend that you read his full post, What Om wrote should inspire all of us. Change is possible!

Thank you Om for a great post and may you celebrate many more years in good health!

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