More on “Why Do We Blog Less?”

Last week I blogged on Where have all the bloggers gone?

After posting the note on Facebook my words seemed to have hit on a subject that is on many of my friends minds. The comments were enlightening! Here are some of the comments —
Also on a closely related note – Jeff Pulver posted today, how he is coping with the changing world of online social interaction!

Gal Mor: I like the concept of slow blogging – Tweet fast, blog slow

Luca: I noticed this, too.
In my case, I’m writing regularly and taking care of my blog (just moved to a better hosting, premium theme and so on) but covering VoIP less. My interestes are much more than VoIP only, so I like writing about different subjects.
Can’t give you an answer for the other bloggers, but I think Andy is the only one who keeps focusing on mainly VoIP/Telecom subjects.

Garret Smith: Personally I got into blogging about VoIP to write about “unique” aspects or take an angle that others don’t, but with 50+ others, that gets hard.
Now that it’s dying down, I’m getting back to 3 – 5 posts at in addition to the 5+ at

Sean O Sullivan:Yep. Short answer: I am still doing blog posts – only when I have something that I think merits a proper “post” – something with at least a few paragraphs, perhaps a beginning a middle and an end, or an interview with someone else.
For lots of other stuff which might have gone to the blog in the past (short “hey – look at this!” stuff) – I use … Read Moretwitter, LinkedIn and FaceBook.

Where have all the bloggers gone??

My Google Reader subscribes to 44 VoIP related blogs. Lately I noticed that much less posts so I decided to do a little research, and here are the results —

1. In the last month, only 27 have any posts at all
2. On the average I now receive in my reader about 8 VoIP related posts a day as opposed to 25-30 a day a year ago.
3. Personally – my blog The Flat Planet and a Phone has seen only one post in the last month

What happened to all the bloggers? Are they they blogging less? Why?
In review it seems that some of the semi-pro bloggers like Jeff, Andy and Luca are still blogging regularly and some like Pat are blogging less. However all of them, like myself are pretty active on twitter and facebook!

In my mind that is the answer! For most of the ideas I want to express, twitter is a great solution. True there are more complicated issues that you can not fit into 140 characters, but once you get use to twittering your ideas it ain’t easy to go back to legacy blogging!

Do you blog? How has twitter changed your blogging habits? How has this effected your business? I know in the past customers have come to us as a result of reading my blog. Will the same customers find me on twitter? I would love to hear your comments!