Make Money While You Sleep!

I hate blowing my own horn, but three years after founding The Flat Planet Phone Company one of the best things I like about our business is that the money comes in whether you are awake or asleep. Beep beep goes my blackberry each time money is deposited by one of our prepaid customers. The BB beeps day and night (though I try to turn it off at night…)

I believe that selling Hosted VoIP services is one of the greatest business opportunities on the market. Why? Your customers are happy, since you provide them with a feature packed service for less than they paid for their legacy phone service. You are happy since you make one sale and get steady recurring income month after month!

So I wasn’t surprised to see the report from business analyst IBIS WORLD that VoIP is the best performing industry of the DECADE! VoIP has grown an astronomical 179035.8% since 2002!

The industry that was hot a century ago (textile and clothing) is now the worst performing, and is not expected to shine in the coming decade. VoIP providers are on the other hand predicted to lead all industries in growth over the coming decade as they did this decade.

Makes you wonder what are you waiting for? Contact the Flat Planet Phone Company – TODAY!