How Call Centers can close 30% more sales!

Call centers invest big budgets in fine tuning their monitoring, reporting, scripts and techniques in order to close more sales.

Many times they over look small improvements that can make a big difference! For example our Dynamic CallerID service.

What is Dynamic CallerID? Say you sell to France, Germany and Italy, but your call center is in India. When you call customers in those countries they see your India CallerID. The result – many potential customers will not pick up a call when they see a foreign number that they do not recognize! The solution? Dynamic CallerID! Our system will analyse the call as you make it and insert the local CallerID for the country you are calling. Some of our customers have found that over 30% more calls are answered when using Dynamic CallerID!

We can supply you with phone numbers in over 50 countries. Even if you do not do international calls, we can also provide you with local numbers in the USA, UK and many other countries, so you can setup virtual local offices. I can assure that if your call center is in Omaha, NE the chances that a customer in Dallas TX will answer the phone will be much higher if you have a 214 number with Dynamic CallerID. Contact us today for more details at 212-796-0900

The Ultimate Data Center?

Since we plan to close our Israeli POP next week, it is a good time to describe the unusual location that is hosting our servers. Med-1 in Petach Tikva, Israel.

What is unusual about Med-1? Well to start with it is completely underground! To access the building you need to enter an underground parking lot and then take an elevator downstairs.

According to the company website the underground structure is enclosed in double layered reinforced concrete walls to protect all systems from a direct hit by a bomb (we are in the Middle East after all…). It is no wonder that Med-1 hosts the Israeli Internet Xchange router, all of Israel’s telecom players and foreign giants like AT&T, BT and others.

So why are we leaving such a prestigious facility? For purely commercial reasons. Due to the weak regulatory regime in Israel (I can rant about that all day..) it is almost impossible for small players to enter the market and succeed. We prefer to concentrate on other markets in Europe and the USA which we have found to be much more profitable.

So Goodbye Med-1!

Will President Obama call us again??

As he heads in the mid-term elections, President Obama is going all out, to replicate his success 2 years ago.

Mr. President, I am sure you remember your election day visit to the Flat Planet powered phone bank in Indiana.

My suggestion to the President is if you want to repeat your success use us again! Call The Flat Planet Phone Company. You can reach me at 212-796-0900 ext 100

Best Regards
Moshe Maeir