When a Zero is Worth Money!

Zeros are like restaurants, value is all a matter of location.

$00001 is almost worthless, but $10000 can get you places. The same thing with phone numbers.
A phone number like 408-506-1020 is not worth nearly as much as 408-560-1000. Although Google has changed the way we search for phone numbers to the extent that some companies do not advertise their phone numbers anymore and they advertise “look for us on Google”, phone numbers are still important.

Numbers with a string of zeros in the right place are still sought after! In addition to being easy to remember they still have an additional job.
212-550-6000 conveys a message of size and stability, whereas 646-567-8921 looks more like your cellphone. Today when anyone can open a website and compete with you for business, a premium number gives you an additional advantage.

My belief in the importance of phone numbers is so strong that over the years I have built up a collection 🙂
But like with any collection, there comes a time when you need to part with it. If you feel that a good number can help you, feel free to contact me.

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