Hosted VoIP is Dead!

Yea sure! That is what they have been telling me ever since I founded The Flat Planet Phone Company, almost 6 years ago. You have competition, the big guys will kill you etc. etc.
Recently I came back from the annual ITExpo (Internet Telephony) conference in Miami Beach. Based on the vibrancy of the show, the growth in the number of participants, the excitement in the air – the Hosted VoIP business has never been better.

As one of the analysts at the show told me there are now over 1000 VoIP providers in the USA alone, and Surprise Surprise there is plenty of business for all of us. IP based communications have opened up endless opportunities for the user and the entrepreneur. Recently, API platforms such as Twillio and Tropo have blown the telephony application wide open. Literally anything is possible. Companies like ifbyphone and are just the beginning.

Contrary to those who tried to discourage me, the last 6 years have been great. Our company has grown very nicely, It has been exciting working with resellers and building together with them, profitable ventures. The best is still ahead of us. If you are a VAR or reseller in the internet and telephony space please contact me to see how can join us and build a nice recurring income stream!