Project REBOOT: Entrepreneurs – How Advanced is Too Advanced?

A big part of my rebooting is meeting with entrepreneurs and other thought leaders. I am interested in hearing what they have to say about the future of business communications. Recently I had a discussion with Jacob Ner David, a serial entrepreneur and recently one of the founders of Zula.

While we were brainstorming about different features and how customers communicate with a business, Jacob made a remark, which raised a question that should be on the mind of every entrepreneur developing a new product.

That question is -How Advanced is Too Advanced?
Brainstorming and dreaming is very important when planning a new disruptive product or service. The problem is that it is very easy to think about new exciting features, while forgetting one important point. Will customers use it? Inventing the latest and the greatest might give you a wonderful feeling, but will it get you customers?

On one hand, you definitely do not want to introduce just another “same, same” service. But, on the other hand, if your features are too advanced, you might get some good PR, but paying customers (which is why you are in business – right?) will be harder to come by.

During my rebooting journey, I am finding that the hardest part is to leave some of my dreams behind. Dreams become a part of you and deleting them in the name of success is not easy…

As I move along, I would love to hear your comments and even your dreams, practical or not. After all, dreaming is the first stage of any endeavor!