The Network is Dead. Long Live the Telecom API

Believe it or not, some people still buy their phone service, their phones and all their applications from the same company. And it isn’t a small business, the Big Telcos generate billions and billions from this.

In the ole days whoever owned the network owned the customer and had a license to print money. You have to be blind not to realize that this is changing, much faster then we think.

The Cloud, Apps and APIs are no longer buzzwords! They are here today and replacing The Network. A day doesn’t pass without another company announcing that they have published an API. Today it was Rebtel, a long time provider of cheap calls for travelers levitra 20 mg online.

The Rebtel story is in my mind a big story, they are putting their main business on the side, positioning themselves as a Twilio competitor and plowing $12m (!!!) into their new API business Sinch.

The Telco world is now in an age of Great Opportunity. The Cloud, WebRTC, Mobile Apps and Telco APIs have blown the market wide open. Not only do you not have to own a network, you don’t even need to own a server to sell a telephone service. Twilio, Rebtel, Hookflash and tens of other API providers will do all the heavy lifting for you.Compare that to the average Telco that has invested endless money in their network!