Yes, A Truck is About to Hit the Telcos.

The WebRTC Global Summit last month in London, was attended by many telcos. At one point Trent Johnson, Hookflash CEO remarked to me “The Telcos are going to be hit by a truck and they don’t even know it yet.”

At first look, that statement sounds a little ostentatious, but when you dig into it deeper, you see that Trent is not far off. Actually today we just got a strong reminder how right he is!

Voxbone, a company who is the world leader in supplier virtual local phone numbers to telcos in other countries announced today that they are introducing WebRTC support. For many years Voxbone was unique in that they could provide you immediately, on demand, numbers in over 50 countries. They are know for their professionalism and high quality service. As a result, large and small carriers worldwide use them. They do have competition, but they are the leader in their field by far. Voxbone has slowly but surely built a redundant international network, acquiring phone numbers, country by country. In many countries they themselves are a licensed telco.

Today Voxbone announced that you can use WebRTC (basically call a URL, instead of a phone number) and they will forward it to you over SIP. Now they are no longer are offering a unique service. Acquiring and maintaining phone numbers in over 50 countries is not trivial from both technical and regulatory aspects. But any Tom, Dick or Harry can offer a WebRTC gateway to SIP. The importance of actually owning and provisioning virtual local phone numbers will decline over time.

Yes, WebRTC is not the cure to cancer, but the Telco Tsunami is coming quicker than I thought!