Free Hard Disks

I’ve posted a number of times, about free calls, or how there is no such thing as free calls. Today, I would like to actually write about Free Storage. Well not completely free, but almost.

On the desk of one of our employees I noticed an external hard drive. Many years ago I used to sell external hard drives, 5mb and 10mb (megabyte…) ones. This one looked just like the external hard drives of old. I was shocked to hear that this baby packs 500GB, not 5-10mb!! I was even more shocked when I heard the price under $90!

Now compare that to the $5000 which was the price for the 10 meg disks that I sold in the 80s. At todays prices those 10 megs would have cost me less than one cent 0.18 cents!! to be exact. Isn’t that free??